Ducted Systems

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning is a cooling and heating system designed to distribute air around your home from one central system via a series of strategically positioned ducts placed in the ceiling of nominated rooms.

Compared with wall mounted split systems, ducted systems are much more cost effective when a multi-room system is required and zoned, ducted systems provide near invisible whole house comfort with outlets placed strategically as required throughout the home with the ability to heat or cool only rooms you are using. You have the choice of Reverse Cycle (heating and cooling), Ducted Gas (heating only) or Evaporative (cooling only) systems, talk to our consultant who will work with you to get the best suited system for your home based on your specific needs and lifestyle.

The Technical Details about Ducted Air

Running costs on a ducted system vary according to the size requirements for your home and this will depend on how many rooms you would like the system to reach. On average, a 10Kw/4HP system is suitable for up to 85sqm at any one time and will cost around $2 per day and a larger 14Kw/5HP unit is suitable for 120sqm at any one time and will cost around $3.20 per day (4-5 hrs typical use on A1 Domestic tariff – July 1st 2011)

When you hear the word Inverter in relation to your system this is technology that allows the compressor in the unit to turn down to approximately 25% capacity to save costs by sensing room temperature and maintaining the desired temperature. Inverter systems save money over conventional systems and are quieter to operate.

All ducted systems come with a wall mounted controller where you can turn the unit on and off, set temperature, set the timer and fan speed. For larger or two storey homes units can come with two controllers.


At Bunbury & Busselton Air we are specialists in reverse cycle ducted air. Its what we know best and what we have delivered to our local community for over 12 years. When you choose to buy from us you are guaranteed:

  • Products with the highest efficiency in their class
  • Product with the cheapest running costs
  • Choice of zone and temperature control options, maximizing efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • The latest inverter technology and product innovations
  • Local tradesmen and a locally serviced warranty
  • Best Price Guarantee!

Whole house ducted systems start from just $7,345 – fully installed! Evaporative Cooling systems start from just $3,999 – fully installed!

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