Split Systems

What is Split System Air Conditioning?

Split Systems are reverse cycle air conditioning units which work via separate internal and external units, placing the noisy motor unit outside and the whisper quiet fan unit inside to distribute the air. When heating and cooling is required in single rooms, split systems provide a cost effective and convenient solution to heating and cooling your home, allowing you to place air conditioning units only in the rooms in which you need them.

The Technical Details about Split System Units

Our experienced team will work with you to determine which type of air conditioning solution is best for your home, and your budget. In most cases we will recommend a reverse cycle unit which can heat as well as cool so you get the temperate you set regardless of the temperature outside.

The reason we will recommend a reverse cycle system is this is the cheapest form of heating for your home. Running costs vary according to the size requirements for your home and different sized units are required depending on the size of the room you are looking to heat and cool.

An average 8KW (3.5HP) system will use around 35 cents per hour or with average usage, about $1.40 per day. Please bear in mind these units are designed to heat and cool one room only.

When you hear the word Inverter in relation to your system this is technology that allows the compressor in the unit to turn down to approximately 25% capacity to save costs by sensing room temperature and maintaining the desired temperature. Inverter systems save money and are quieter to operate.

All split systems come with a hand remote controller where you can turn the unit on and off, set temperature, set the timer and fan speed.


At Bunbury & Busselton Air we are specialists in reverse cycle ducted air. Its what we know best and what we have delivered to our local community for over 12 years. When you choose to buy from us you are guaranteed:

  • Products with the highest efficiency in their class
  • Product with the cheapest running costs
  • The latest inverter technology and product innovations
  • Local tradesmen and a locally serviced warranty
  • Best Price Guarantee!

Split system units start from just $1,500 – fully installed!

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