Energy Efficiency Handy Hints

Energy Efficiency Handy Hints

Luke Brown can talk for hours about thermal dynamic efficiency for your home!

But instead of talking about it, get him to plan a system that maximises the benefits and savings of efficient ducted reverse cycle air conditioning for your home.

Refrigerated ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is quiet, effective and inconspicuous. Ducted systems are flexible and they can be tailored to exactly meet your requirements. Not only do they offer the best value for money but they give you total control over your home environment.

Split system air conditioners have an internal and external component. They are great in a room location or for a particular area. Ideal for town houses, apartments, small houses or offices, we can provide you with a quality system that is compact, energy efficient and quiet.

Having invested your hard earned $$$ on air conditioning your home it’s important that you run your system as efficiently as possible.

Here are some helpful tips from us to reduce your energy costs and use your air conditioner more efficiently.

Temperature set point

Hitting the accelerator on your car to go from 0km to 100km an hour quickly takes energy and costs you money in the form of fuel. Maintaining a constant speed is easier for the vehicle and therefore is more economical.

The same principle applies with thermal dynamics where rapidly changing a temperature in a space requires energy which costs money. Maintaining a steady temperature requires less energy and is therefore cheaper to achieve.

With modern inverter air conditioners where you know we are going to have a heat wave of high 30 to 40-degree days you are better off leaving them running whilst adjusting the temperature set point slightly higher than your desired temperature. Why? Because when you want the room to be at your desired temperature, your machine only has to alter 4-5 degrees. This is way more efficient and cost effective than having the room gain a lot of heat and then trying to pull all that heat back out quickly.

Make the most of your solar power

Solar panels on your home? You will maximise savings on your power bill by using the energy you harvest to maintain your home’s core temperature rather than trying to rapidly extract heat when you get home.

How? Set your air conditioner to run during the day when your solar panels are creating power. Run your system a few degrees warmer than you prefer on hot days and a few degrees cooler on warm days. This requires much less power to reach and maintain your preferred temperature when you get home.

Programmed air conditioner cleanliness

If your ducted air conditioner moves on average 800L of air per second just imagine the amount of dirt and dust getting trapped in your machine!

Thankfully, just like you clean the lint filter on your dryer, air conditioning filters are also easy to clean. We recommend you clean your machine’s filters at least every six months but preferably every 3 months at the change of each season to ensure efficient running.

Hydro Wash

Want to ensure the efficiency of your wall split and cassette type air conditioner in our harsh climate? We recommend you schedule a sanitising hydro wash by one of our fully qualified electrician/ refrigeration mechanics every two years. This is critical in maintaining your fan coil unit’s cleanliness helping to extend the life of your air conditioner and reducing your running costs.

So now you know, don’t be scared of running your system using our helpful tips maximising energy use and promoting year-round comfort in your home.

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