Mr Slim Outdoor Units

Mr Slim Outdoor Units

Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its Mr Slim line-up, introducing the NEW INVERTER M Series,

PUZ-M100/125/140VKM, 10-14kW. The PUZ-M100 and PUZ-M125 have undergone design improvements and are now available in single fan models, designed to be less intrusive and easier to handle. The PUZ-M series is connectable to our PEA-M100/125/140GAA and PEAD-M100/125/140JAAD ducted indoor units.

  • Full Inverter control

    Mitsubishi Electric Inverters ensure a high level of performance, including the finer control of operation frequency. As a result, improved power management is applied in all heating/cooling ranges, and maximum comfort is achieved while consuming less energy.

  • Compact design & less intrusive

    Compared to our current Twin Fan model, PUZ-M100/125 is now a smaller unit for the same capacity. Due to its size it is less obtrusive and more easily hidden from view. Provides flexibility with installations depending on location of the unit.

  • Easier transportation & installation

    The PUZ-M100/125 have a 26% reduction in height and 35% reduction in weight, compared to our Twin Fan model. Making it easier to transport and handle during installation.

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